Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Gone too soon,

Definately not as eternal as the moon

I guess it never was true

But I believed it was cause I’m am idiot,

I mean cause you told me so

But now it’s all ashes to ashes, Dust to dust

Here lies our love And with it there goes my joy,

You hurt me girl! I should’ve known you were a decoy,

A sham, a con,

Only here to leave me torn

Ashes to crushes Dust to lust,

What happened to “it would last”

What happened to “Gold never turns to rust”

I mean what about “ oh baby you’re my first and last”

I guess this is what I get for putting out my trust

Worshipping you like it’s a must

Never knowing how soon you’d be my past

It’s not fair, not just!

Ashes to dust, dust to ashes

Why am I still grieving

When you’ve long stopped believing

Still dressed in red, still bleeding black,

Memories thundering in my head

While lying in my lonely bed

Dampening my pillow with tears

Wishing our love was still alive

But here we are, standing still where you promised we’d never be

Singing ashes to ashes Dust to dust


Love is something we are orientated with since birth. I mean most people won’t believe this but we are born through love because love is the pain a women endures during labour. This just simply proves that no matter what happens to you, someone will love you forever and that someone is your mother


Love, Don’t let me fall!

Love don’t let me fall.

Don’t let a simple phonecall  

Break down these walls

That I have built for so long

Daring to avoid all love songs

Daring not to fall again

For God’s sake please…

                                   Love Don’t let me fall!


Places: Limpopo

I went to Limpopo this weekend. She’s a beauty. The temperature was warm even in the heart of winter. The food was fresh and organic, even  the air is different out there which in a way reminded me of someone I used to know. She’s was never blue even in the darkest of days like this beautiful South African province. I guess different people can be compared to different places which got me wondering… If I was a place then where would I be?


Typical love story 

I remember the first time I laid my eyes on you lady. When something about you immediately drove me crazy. It made me envision the future,marriage and so much more. It gave me a plan and I knew I had to get to know you but shit happens and you can’t predict the future on day one.

I ended up having you and when I finally had you ,I was already on my way down falling in love. I treated you right, stayed loyal, I had already made my move. I prayed for you and exhausted all my wishes for you. I thought we’d last cause somehow we had managed to conquer 90 days.

Like any other story we reached our climax. We came to a point where all was fading and you started cursing at me. I had to stick around cause I’m not the type to love you and leave you but the more I tried the more we seemed to cave into hopelessness.

We …No! Actually I was the one who tried to ressurect us and I’d like some credit and a round of applause for my courage and struggle. But all was lost and we had no choice but to fall into day last.

I hope you’re happy babe! I can’t even bring myself to call you a bitch. I ain’t go lie and say I don’t dream and cry about you cause I still do and if you came back I’d still take you back and call you my baby. Call me an idiot but thats what true love does to folks. 


The picture I drew 

I drew a picture of you
Where your face seemed rather blue
Like a lost course with no clue.
That was the picture that I drew

I shaded out your sorrows
And highlighted your eyes
To look deep into them as I would
For this love of yours is not borrowed but given

I drew a picture of you
hoping to curve a smile
That could be seen from a mile
And all I could come up with was a picture much sadder than reality

That was the picture that I drew!


The other guy 

Erin rushed into her house not noticing the expensive car parked outside her yard,not expecting to be welcomed by a guest. She flashed by the living room thinking of nothing but that long soothing bath which her husband always fixed for her “Hey baby”,she said as she zoomed past a figure sitting on the sofa which forced her to a screeching hault that almost made her lose balance. She went back to take a second look to test her sanity and saw a tall dark man with hazel eyes like dark chocolate, he was now on his feet and walking towards her with his hands spread out like a warm blanket that was warm enough to dissolve all her sorrows. “Victor!”, she said dropping her bag to the floor and rushing to be imprisoned in his comfort but a gush of resistance drifted down her spine forcing her to give him nothing but a gentle pat on the back. “What are you doing here? ” but before he could even answer his soft lips pressed against hers and a thunderstorm of a slap followed. Victor said no words but left, she peaked through the window and watched him drive away before Tyler pressed himself behind her and curled his arms around her waist, “Is that Victor… Why is he leaving?”, she turned and kissed him, “How about a bath?”.

Thoughts of Victor and their almost affair began to play themselves in her mind making her feel cold in the middle of summer, not even Tyler’s sweet kisses could fix her that night,”What’s wrong?” he asked her whilst placing himself ontop of her and kissing her then he asked again, “It’s Victor isn’t it…  I know about you two…” and right then an instant shock choked her… Did he really know or was he setting her up?

To be continued…


Dark days and dark nights

Dark days and dark nights
A reminder of light,
The sight of a man’s defeat
The leftover of a battle
And the introduction of pain.

Dark days, dark nights
When a king lost his knights,
Surrendered all his fights
Yet no one turned on the lights
And all that was left in his eyes was rain.


A game of hearts 

Game of hearts

It was all a game

A game of hearts

Passing it around each gallant

Only to lose a piece in each cycle

Then to the next suiter it was passed


And never granted what it was needing

Although from its depth they kept on feeding

And for clemency it kept pleading

Until this love it seeks lost its meaning

That is when biologists were compelled to redifine it

As just another organ that keeps us alive

Yet poets protested this description

And said we need its emotions to survive

Just so that this game can continue 


From Where I Stood 

From where I stood

From a distance I stared

At a woman who looked scared

As if she was not aware that I cared

Because of the words that were never said

As I looked at her I saw tears

That gave joy to all of her fears

Making her deaf to all she hears

Making my words leer to her ears

I make mistakes too

Especially in this game of two

And from where I stood

I had made her a fool